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Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

Kidstart Pediatric Therapy provides the following services:

1. Occupational therapy

2. Speech and Language therapy

3. Behavior Consultation and intervention

Multi-professional service
at one location

A multi-professionals initial evaluation package involves comprehensive and standardized therapy assessment helps with understanding area of strengths and weaknesses of the child. So that the meaningful care plan and goals can be developed in collaboration with the family.

This assessment is designed for clients who require an in-depth evaluation and a written report. During the assessment, several standardized assessment tools will be used to assess the child's functions including speech and language/ communication ability/ sensory/ motor/ self-care/ executive function/ handwriting skills/ behavior concerns and and so much more!

Customized care plan the therapy session will be developed after the assessment, our therapy types and collaboration can be the combination of the following:

Occupational therapy/ Speech and language therapy/ Behavior intervention/ Parent education/ Team meeting..etc.

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