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Kidstart Pediatric Therapy provides professional occupational therapy service from assessment to treatment plan and intervention sessions. We also provide parent consultation to give recommendations and feedback after the session.

Child In Speech Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy assessment and Intervention

A comprehensive and standardized Occupational therapy assessment helps with understanding area of strengths and weaknesses of the child. So that the meaningful goals can be developed in collaboration with the family.

This assessment is designed for clients who require an in-depth evaluation and a written report. During the assessment, several standardized assessment tools will be used to assess the child's functions including sensory/ motor/ self-care/ executive function/ handwriting skills and so much more!

And the intervention session is based on the goals set up after the assessment, the OT session ranges from 60 mins to 90 mins depending on the child's needs. There would be feedback and recommendations provided after each session.

Parent consultation

The treatment plan that involves the parents works the best!

It is important to involve parents during the process so that they can continue to support their kids. Kidstart Pediatric Therapy is committed to include parents during the process from intake to assessment and also during the treatment sessions. We continue to work together to provide the best care for the kids.

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Children in School Bus

Home/school visit

Sometimes we get to see a lot more in the environment that is closer to the child.

Kidstart Pediatric Therapy also provides out-clinic service such as home and school visit to provide assessment and different type of support in the home/school environment. Parents and teachers are important team members and we together can achieve more!

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